Marc Desangles

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I was born October 15, 1961 in Toulouse, France. My father was a drummer and gave me the passion for music. In 1979, I founded my first rock band where I played bass. 

In 1993, I took singing lessons for 3 years with a teacher of the orchestra of the Capitol and I started as a singer. It was also during this period that I began to explore writing and composed my first lyrics. 

In 1998, I sang in a totally different register as a tenor for the association "A thousand hearts for a sight" sponsored by Claude Nougaro. 
This experience allowed me to measure my vocal possibilities in a completely unknown world. 

In 2005, I joined Chucky Arla group who was performing in cafes, festivals and Bikers meetings. 

I organized from 2002 to 2005, the Motorock'la festival in the Toulouse region and in 2007 the first Free 'Rock Festival. 

Today, in addition to being a singer, I also write lyrics for different groups. 

In 2011, I start with my first solo album "Beyond the ruins”.