Marc Desangles

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How did you get the envy to make a solo album? 
I always performed in different groups, singing other people songs and every time I wanted to move to creativity, but it never happened because of the style of music, vocal line … which did not correspond to all the group or by lack of time of the group.
On the other hand, I wrote lyrics for the groups, so it was time for me to be engaged in the realization of my own album, with the advantage to manage by myself the entire project.
That's what I did with "Beyond the ruins", the title of the album. 

Where and how did you made "Beyond the ruins"? 
I made the album at the studio «Dereine Productions Label" in Bourg in Gironde 
with my friend Stéphane Deriau-Reine (arranger and artistic director) that I've known for many years but mostly when I worked with him at the time of the album "Vision" of Michel Lazaro, where I wrote all the lyrics.  Then I told him that I wanted to make a solo album. 
Four months later, "Beyond the ruins" was born. 

Is there in this album a common thread? Are the the songs independent of each other? 
If there is a thread, it is primarily in the sound and the spirit of the music. For this first album, it was important to create an identity through the sound and style. 
As the songs are completely independent of each other, each of them could be individually played without destabilizing the album. 

What inspired you when composing? 
Even though my first instrument is the bass guitar, I am primarily a singer and writer. So it's the topics that I developed in my lyrics that gave me the inspiration. 
I had to extract all the musical ideas I had in my head to make them come true. This became reality with Stephane arrangements and his artistic direction. 

How would you define the style of "Beyond the ruins"? 
"Beyond the ruins" is a mixture of French-English texts, where the melodies and tempos are mixed each other in a Pop-Rock spirit. I wanted this album different from the style of music I play or I could play in various groups. 

What kind of public do you expect? 
I'm not trying to target an audience more than another. I propose through "Beyond the ruins" a universe in which I invite everyone to join me.